Maximum confidence and convenience.

In temperatures below 45°F, winter tires help deliver optimal traction
*. An Audi Winter Wheel & Tire Package** provides peace of mind in one simple step.

  • Vehicle handling and stopping systems can all perform better with improved traction.

  • Winter tires are specifically engineered to help maximize traction on ice- and snow-covered roads, and on wet and dry roads in temperatures below 45°F. Ultra high-performance and all-season tires have diminished traction in cold temperatures.

  • Increased traction can help you stay on your intended course, stop confidently and avoid trouble.

Audi designs, tests and approves every Winter Wheel & Tire Package for each vehicle.

  • Audi experts have selected and tested wheels and tires for your specific Audi model.

  • When you buy an Audi Winter Wheel & Tire Package, you can be sure it meets strict Audi standards.

  • Audi Genuine Alloy Wheels are designed for exceptional style and offer convenience for seasonal tire changes.

They help optimize performance systems.

  • Winter tires help maximize the impressive capabilities of Audi quattro® all-wheel drive, especially in S line®, S and RS models originally equipped with ultra-high-performance tires. Front-wheel-drive vehicles can also greatly benefit from the use of winter tires.

  • Adding a set of winter tires can help increase grip and optimize the performance of anti-lock brake and traction control systems in winter conditions.

More winter tire tips.

  • Purchase Audi approved winter tires before seasonal temperatures drop below 45°F.

  • If you drive an Audi S line, S and RS model originally equipped with ultra-high performance tires, purchasing winter tires is a smart investment that helps provide satisfaction in your winter driving experience.

  • Install four matching winter tires. Avoid mixing tires with different tread patterns, speed ratings and sizes.

  • Check all tire pressures at least once a month. Proper inflation pressure helps extend tread life, improve winter traction and reduce fuel consumption.
*Remember that even with high-quality winter tires, you must always drive according to the conditions of the road and maintain more distance from other vehicles since braking distances will be longer on ice- and snow-covered roads.

Packages include four wheels, four tires, center caps and, if applicable, tire pressure monitoring valves. All packages subject to availability and changes. All prices are MSRP. Dealer sets final price. Taxes, installation and dealer charges not included. See dealer for details.