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Audi quattro
The always on, all-weather, all-wheel drive

Think of this as built-in intuition.

What is Audi quattro® All-Wheel Drive Technology?

Never again be caught off guard by changing road conditions or fierce, snowy winters when you buy or lease a new Audi. Properly equipped Audi models provide you with patented quattro® all-wheel drive technology. The quattro® all-wheel drive system delivers enhanced handling and potent performance, so you can still maximize each drive without sacrificing control.

At our Audi dealership near Lancaster, PA, we have a host of Audi quattro® vehicles in our inventory, so you can find the Audi sedan or SUV you desire and benefit from superior traction and handling. Learn more about this all-wheel drivetrain below, then check out the new Audi inventory on our lot.

What is Audi quattro® all-wheel drive?

Engineered to handle varying road conditions and weather patterns, the legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system delivers pristine handling, no matter where you're headed. The quattro® all-wheel drive system knows when extra power is needed, and will send it to all four wheels when it senses slippage. In wet weather conditions, your Audi quattro® car will receive power to the wheels with the most grip for improved traction.

Audi quattro® explained

When Audi quattro® all-wheel drive technology came into existence 35 years ago, it was the first permanent all-wheel drive system for passenger cars. As Audi has revolutionized its processes since then, newer innovations have been made to this legendary system. High-performance Audi models are available with a unique version of quattro® that offers different capabilities than Audi SUVs. Opt for Torque Vectoring and your Audi will receive torque to the outside wheels when cornering, thus improving your vehicle's performance and handling.

If you're interested in buying a performance model such as the S or RS, you can add an additional feature, the sport differential system. This system uses an active rear differential to send power to the outside rear wheel when cornering, but it also allows that wheel to accelerate up to 10 percent faster.

What Audi cars have quattro®?

Interested in an Audi that comes equipped with Audi quattro® all-wheel drive? Some of the most popular models can be outfitted with this impressive technology. If you'd like to buy a new Audi A3 or A4 sedan, you can opt for the quattro® all-wheel drive system. For those who need a larger SUV, you can lease a new Audi Q5 and also benefit from quattro® all-wheel drive. There are plenty other Audi cars that offer quattro®, too.

Contact Audi Reading today and speak with our staff about which vehicles in our inventory offer quattro® all-wheel drive, and feel free to schedule a test-drive, as well.

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